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How Your Campus Store Can

Support the Whole Student

Strategies to Enhance the Student Experience

October 26, 2023 | 2PM ET / 1PM CT

A campus store should be more than a spot to pick up books and the occasional piece of merchandise. At their best, these stores deeply resonate with your campus mission, playing a pivotal role in bringing your school's brand to life.

In this webinar, we'll dive into conversations with leaders from two- and four-year campuses, alongside a trend-setting sustainable vendor, as they unpack strategies that redefine campus stores, creating environments that fully support and amplify all aspects of student life.

Whether it's designing retail experiences that connect with Gen Z or ensuring seamless access to course materials, we'll explore ways to create campus stores that are not just functional, but fully immersive.

  • Innovative strategies to eliminate barriers for student success by offering affordable access to course materials, transportation, meals, and more.
  • The transformation of campus stores into community hubs, fostering engagement and connection throughout the academic year.
  • How sustainability-driven approaches attract and engage Gen Z students.

Hear from the Experts

JoAnna Schilling - Cypress College
Angela Peterson - North Carolina A&T