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Webinar: How to Launch & Grow a Day One Access Program


Learn how University of Nebraska-Lincoln and Danville Area Community College are transforming course material access and affordability.

Recorded On April 18, 2023 | 2PM ET / 1PM CT

How do Day One Access programs make a measurable impact at student-centric colleges and universities in a post-Covid world?

Join trailblazing leaders from two and four year institutions to hear about their experiences launching resoundingly successful Access programs with support from their campus communities and the Follett team.

We'll dive into data-driven insights and research to discuss how Inclusive and Equitable Access programs not only improve course material access and affordability, but also increase success rates for students, all while maintaining academic freedom for faculty.

During this session we'll cover:

  • Best practices to implement successful digital-first programs seamlessly and measure results
  • Compelling data that proves Access programs boost student success rates and completion
  • Tips for driving on-campus support by addressing common FAQs (Yes, Access programs DO ensure academic freedom—we'll show you how!)

Hear from the Experts